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Universal Pop & Vocals takes its influences from the amazing 80’s and 90’s mixed and glued together with the sound of now.

The Driving Pop beats in this pack were inspired by the most popular 8 and 12 bit drum machines, the bass and synthlines are a fusion between Future Pop and the 90’s way of making pop music.

Filled with a dazzling amount of 255 audio files and divided into folders like: Vocal Phrases, Vocal Loops, One Shots, Music Loops, Instrumental Loops, Fx, Drum Loops and Bass Loops.

We improved the distribution of the included samples & loops, the content is now laid out in a more creatively way. All chopped and processed, ready to be dropped in your DAW or samplers.

Are you looking for Royalty Free Acapellas and inspirational loops and samples? Then this new sample pack is the right choice for you.

Universal Pop & Vocals Contains:

9 Bassloops
43 Drumloops
39 Instrumental Loops
10 Music Loops
26 Vocal Loops (wet & dry)
87 Vocal Phrases
5 Snares
5 Kicks
5 Hiats
2 Claps
5 Bass Shots
13 One Shots
Total 255 Files
Royalty Free 

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