OVRDRV: 808 Techno

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Datacode is proud to present our new OVRDRV Series (pronounced Overdrive). This series explores the dark side of sound design with insanely unique, experimental and cutting-edge sounds which are a crucial element in setting your productions apart from the rest! We are kicking this new series into Overdrive with the explosive and hard-hitting sample pack OVRDRV: 808 Techno!

With the massive resurgence of vintage analog equipment and the highly popular sound of the TR-808 used in all types of Electronic Music such as Trap, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass… we decided to take a new spin on things and create samples geared towards modern Techno, Tech House and Minimal producers.

Our goal with OVRDRV: 808 Techno was to create a collection of high quality 808 Samples and then destroy and mangle them in as many ways we could think of and to create completely new edgy, inspirational sounds including Deep Kicks, Ultra Low Subs, Overdriven Synths, Distorted Bass, Filtered Drone FX. This pack gives producers a fresh new arsenal of the dirty, gritty 808 sound! We painstakingly ran the 808’s through a gauntlet of studio tools including distortion pedals, bass amps, guitar amps, filters, LFO’s and delay and reverb units.

In this pack you can expect to find a massive 180 samples with Short and Long versions for instant use as Kicks or Bass all perfectly tuned and labelled with Key information ready to be dropped into your track. As we aim to provide producers with the best value, we have also included 7 Song Construction Kits to kickstart your next track, everything you hear in the Audio Demo is included in this pack and is ready to be dropped into your productions all Royalty Free!

511 MB - 411 Samples - WAV / 44.1 / 24 Bit
All Loops are 128 BPM

7 x Drum Construction Kits (51 Stem Loops - Kicks, Claps, Hats, Bass, etc...)
180 x 808 Long Hits
180 x 808 Short Hits 

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