FOCUS: Techno Synth Bundle

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Datacode presents FOCUS: Techno Synth Bundle. Three full sample packs plus one FREE bonus Preset Pack, a total of 4 packs all for the price of one! This is your chance to get some of our best packs at one low price. Limited Time Sale!
This bundle includes our number 1 selling: FOCUS: Techno Synths, FOCUS: Techno Synths 2, FOCUS: Techno Oneshots Collection and an additional Bonus pack FOCUS: Sylenth Techno Preset Pack! If you are looking for inspiration or ideas to get your track moving this bundle is your go-to pack for all your Techno Synth needs!

Includes every type of Techno Synth samples and loops you can imagine including Deep Chords, Dark Drones, Plucks, Cutting Leads, Tech Synth Oneshots, Driving Arps, and much more! Professionally organized and many of the samples are key labelled and tempo mapped for your convenience.

Full Bundle Details
Size: 769 MB
Total Samples: 925
WAV 24 Bit

FOCUS: Techno Synths
Datacode FOCUS: Techno Synths is an essential tool for producing Techno, Minimal, Tech House. This sample pack contains tons of soaring synth loops, edgy tech leads, animated arps and deep tech one shots! Our focus was to create unique and high-quality synth sounds to help ensure your productions stand out from the crowd. Many of the samples are key labeled and tempo mapped for your convenience.

Pack size: 286 MB
123 Total Samples
24 Bit WAV
All loops at 125 BPM
16 x Arps & Rhythmic
25 x Bass Leads
16 x Deep Leads
20 x Tech Leads
25 x Tech Synth Loops
20 x Tech Synth Shots

FOCUS: Techno Synths 2
Datacode is proud to present FOCUS: Techno Synths 2 the follow up to our top selling FOCUS: Techno Synths which was also previously featured in the Future Music Magazine - Cover CD Sample Content. This latest pack is highly focused with the most current Arp, Chord, Bass and Synth Loops specifically designed for Techno, Minimal and Tech House, it also includes additional Bonus Atmospheres and Synth Oneshots from our best sample packs.

FOCUS: Techno Synths 2 includes loops for everything from Underground Techno to Melodic, Main Room and Minimal and is loaded with a huge collection of Dark Arps, Deep Synths, Warm Chords, Subby Bass, with Bonus Droning Atmospheres and Synth Oneshots and includes many Midi files for ultimate flexibility if you choose to use your own vst synths to expand on the melody or pattern! In this pack you can expect to find a total of 230 samples, loops and midi coming in at 217 MB. The loops are Key and Tempo Labelled for your convenience and efficiently categorized for quick access.

Pack size: 217 MB
230 Total Samples
24 Bit WAV
All loops at 124-125 BPM
24 x Arp Loops
25 x Bass Loops
26 x Chord Loops
25 x Synth Loops
14 x Bonus Atmosphere Loops
20 x Bonus Synth Oneshots
23 x Arp Midi Files
24 x Bass Midi Files
26 x Chord Midi Files
23 x Synth Midi Files


FOCUS: Techno Oneshots Collection
Datacode presents FOCUS: Techno Oneshots Collection a massive collection of 452 our most eclectic, odd, unique, warped and distorted Synth, Bass and FX Oneshots. We have combed through our best-selling FOCUS sample packs to find all the most essential bits and current sounding Oneshots for your Techno, Tech House, Dub and Minimal productions, including many new Oneshots produced exclusively for this collection!

In this pack you can expect to find all the right elements for your productions including: Deep Subs to satisfy your low-end needs, Dark Bass for hypnotic basslines, Deep and Moody Chords for late night tracks, Cutting Synths for peak-time mayhem and a bonus collection of Twisted FX for a bit of chaos!
Oneshots are an effective tool in the studio when you need that specific sound or if you are looking for inspiration to start a new track or adding character to a current production. Load up a sample in your favorite drum machine or DAW, create a pattern and then cycle through the tons of oneshots, this is a great way to create unique hooks by using samples that you normally may not have tried! 100% Royalty Free and professionally organized by groups and key labelled for your convenience.

Pack size: 192 MB
452 Total Samples
24 Bit WAV
80 x Bass Lead Oneshots
63 x Chord Oneshots
80 x Dark Bass Oneshots
48 x Deep Lead Oneshots
61 x Sub Bass Oneshots
67 x Synth Lead Oneshots
30 x FX Oneshots
24 x FX Hits

FOCUS: Sylenth Techno
Datacode presents FOCUS: Sylenth Techno our latest preset bank for the highly regarded Sylenth1 VST. This bank was specifically designed with a FOCUS on the latest sounds in Techno, Minimal, Tech House, Deep House. Everything from the most cutting-edge Techno Leads, Low End Bass, Deep Chords & Plucks and several Dynamic Arpeggiator Patterns. You can expect to find a total of 100 all new Sylenth presets in this pack! We have also included a bonus selection of Drum Loops featured in the Audio Demo including 5 Kick Loops, 5 Clap Loops and 10 Hi-Hat Loops.

Pack size: 74 MB
100 Total Presets
20 Total Samples
24 Bit WAV
100 Total Sylenth Presets
15 x Arp Presets
30 x Bass Presets
15 x Chord Presets
25 x Lead Presets
10 x Pluck Presets
5 x FX Presets
20 Total WAV Loops
10 x Hi-Hat Loops 125 BPM
5 x Kick Loops 125 BPM
5 x Clap Loops 125 BPM
Please note: This pack includes 1 Sylenth Sound Bank (100 Presets) created with Sylenth1 Version 3.02.
Includes 20 Bonus Wav Loops

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