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Code Sounds is proud to present NightDrive Dark Synthwave a deep dive into the dark neon fused underworld of Dark Cinematic Synthwave for Film, Soundtrack, Music and Game Audio. An exceptional and inspiring collection of the latest and most distinct Synthwave samples for producers looking for an edge in their music production!

As the late evening fog drifts through the city’s downtown core, a dull neon haze of flickering lights begin to fade into ominous shadows as you slowly cruise past the barren streets in your matte black high performance machine. Only the deep low rumble of your engine fills the desolate night air while a sombre, melancholic song plays faintly in the background from an old worn-out cassette tape. Intensely focused on the mission of delivering an obscure package, you begin to wonder what secrets might this package contain, some kind of cryptic arcane knowledge or perhaps a collection of mystic otherworldly sounds.

Pulling into the dark, seedy alleyway of an unfamiliar destination that appeared to once be vibrant with nightlife in a distant past, a strange figure emerges from behind an unmarked derelict doorway and cautiously approaches your car. Reaching into the glove box and shuffling around you look for the secretive package you are there to deliver. The shadowy figure peers from behind his dark shades and gestures to hand it over. No words are exchanged. Unflinching, with a steady calm and suspicious eye, you slowly hand over the package containing a rare high-fidelity cassette tape with a singular mysterious phrase inscribed…NightDrive Dark Synthwave.

Stay tuned for the next chapter!

Please Note: The samples are provided in Loop format and do not include Construction Kits.

• Pack size: 340 MB
• 182 Total Samples
• 80 BPM
• 24 Bit WAV

12 Arp Loops
18 Bass Loops
22 Pad Loops
15 Synth Loops
10 Beat Loops (with 40 Drum Loop Stems Incl. Kick and Snare, Hats, Perc)
05 Tom Fills
10 Kick Drum Hits
20 Claps & Snares
30 HiHats and Cymbals
10 Percussion Hits

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