New Sample Pack Bundle! FOCUS: Techno Drums Bundle

Datacode "FOCUS – Techno Drums Bundle” is a massive collection of three of our best-selling drum sample packs! We have Included our highly popular FOCUS: Techno Drums, FOCUS: Deep & Tech Drums and FOCUS: Techno Percussion and includes an incredible 709 Drum Loops, Drum Hits and Percussion coming in at a solid 540 MB! This Drums Bundle is an essential tool for producing Techno, Tech House and Minimal!

In more detail, what you can expect to find inside the pack is an incredible selection of polished and processed drum loops and drum hits that are true to the Techno sound and loaded with deep, warm, subbed out Kicks and Kick Loops, a massive selection of analog, acoustic and synthetic Claps and Snares that cut through the mix, sizzling Hi-Hats with a variety of sonic character including lo-fi, analog and synthetic.

Rounding out the bundle is a dedicated pack of Percussion loops and hits to add the right groove and drive to your drum beats. Included are an eclectic collection of distorted, lo-fi, acoustic, glitch and impact percussion loops and hits.
FOCUS: Techno Drums Bundle is a solid library of cutting edge drum samples and aims to be your go to source in the studio when inspiration hits. Conveniently organized and grouped by category so you can easily find the right sound when you need it!

Bundle Total:
WAV: 540 MB
709 x WAV 44.1 khz 24 Bit

FOCUS: Techno Drums
All loops are 125 BPM
WAV: 124 MB – 220 x WAV 44.1 khz 24 Bit

35 Kick Loops
30 Clap & Snare Loops
25 Percussion Loops
20 Hi Hat Loops
20 Beat Loops
20 Kicks
20 Claps & Snares
30 Hi-Hats & Shakers
20 Percussion Hits

FOCUS: Deep & Tech Drums
All loops are 123 BPM
WAV: 260 MB – 314 x WAV 44.1 khz 24 Bit

20 Drum Construction Kits (Total 104 Loops)
20 Kick Loops
18 Clap & Snare Loops
22 Percussion Loops
20 Hi Hat Loops
30 Kicks
40 Claps & Snares
40 Hi-Hats
20 Percussion Hits

FOCUS: Techno Percussion
All loops are 125 BPM
WAV: 156 MB – 175 x WAV 44.1 khz 24 Bit

75 Total Percussion Loops
25 Percussion Loops
25 Glitch Perc Loops
25 Bonus Percussion Loops
100 Total Percussion Hits
60 Percussion Hits
15 Distorted Perc Hits
15 Lo-Fi Perc Hits
10 Impact Perc Hits